Written by randomblink on May 26, 2021


So in November of 2019, a week before Thanksgiving, the company I was working for bungled things quite nicely and lost not one major client... but a couple (from what I've heard). This resulted in them being forced to lay off almost their entire team of people who did what I did.

Working in IT for 20+ years I knew what this meant. November was when most IT departments started emptying for the winter holiday vacations. Nobody was going to be hiring. I signed up for unemployment, for the first time in my 47 years of life, and hunkered down to wait through the holidays.

January rolled around and I had roughly 6 interviews lined... when... you guessed it. COVID!

It was like the end of days.

I went from doing a couple photoshoots every month, blogging fairly regularly, building a website every month or so for a client, drawing regularly, and writing in one of my books almost weekly... to...

Everything crashed.

Basically, if I had to sum it up... and I will, just to save this post from de-evolving into boredom, 2020 became nothing but me stressing about unemployment and covid. I didn't know if Me, or someone I loved, was going to die. I didn't know how unemployment worked and when it was going to end. I didn't know how I was going to pay for my medicine, my wife's medicine, nor anything else needed to keep a household above water. 2020 was the year of stress.

2021 finally made it around. Vaccinations came around. Sex was creeping back into my life fairly regularly. I was started to, if not balance out, at least stop it's mad descent into the planets surface at a million miles an hour.

I was starting to breathe... kinda.

One of the more fun projects I got to work on was my younger brothers website. He's a local chiropractor that specializes in sports injuries. He's developed a video training course with another movement specialist and wanted to start a website for his personal clinic AND offer the video course through the website.

So I got to help him!


The site turned out fantastic.

I've been studying for an insurance license to sell insurance, while still planning to get my photography business off the ground eventually and without dropping my website building business. On top of all of this I have personal plans. This website has been one that is YEARS in the making. I love to write, I love sharing the fun and weirdness that is my life. I always thought I was just an odd soul that stumbled into strange things. Now? I think my bipolar / adhd might have a tad bit to do with it.

But the next few things on my list are to get this site up fully running and pushing my photography. Then my web business site running smooth. I'll save the URL for that for later. But I have plans for pushing my religion, mythology, magical and mystical studies onto the web as well in the form of my church. Because I am, after all, an ordained Reverend.


A Reverend DOES need a church after all.

My goal is to turn a lot of the ideas I've had over the years into products that people can enjoy. I've shared some of the thoughts in my head over the years and people have said I should make those things. So now I'm finally doing this.

But I'm also tired of seeing the shitshow that is the political arena in my country and not having a place to share my voice where I can't be censored. SO... I'm working on my own political party website.


So... now I have a place to post about my random life... my religious opinions... and my political stances... I've got another one under construction for my squirrel tendencies, but it'll be a little further out. Another for my Lovecraftian fascinations... I might have a few more. I'm hoping to find likeminded individuals, Blinksters, or whatever that want to collaborate or join forces, or start a Pirate crew and make this all come together.

If you're interested, let me know.

In the meantime... I have been struggling with mental health issues... it's a tough time of year right now, and I can only do what I can do. I'm trying to get more posts out, more products put together, and develop more creative work altogether but life will only allow a certain amount of productivity apparently.

I hope you are doing well, being cool, and living the best life you have.

Peace, Love and Construction

Article written by randomblink
Born in a city park and raised by squirrels, Brian quickly mastered the mystic art Squirreljitsu. Eventually his travels took him completely across the park where he discovered a completely new world full of cars, and cheeseburgers. Now, decades later... He blogs, draws, does photography, and more. His life is a constant struggle between the inner squirrel... and people who ignore leash laws in the park. Fucking keep those dogs on leashes or take them to the damn dog park you assholes! Some of us are here to feed the fucking squirrels!

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