I do boudoir and adult photoshoots.

And I love doing them.

I’ve done more than I can remember with more models and clients than I can count.

I say adult photoshoots because I’ve done couple shoots where the couple wanted their intimate time together photographed for their personal enjoyment. It’s fun, it’s sexy and it’s never the same experience twice.

I photograph my friends, my partners, and clients in both personal settings and at the club I work with, Syn. Syn provides an amazing photo studio since it’s setup perfectly for a sensual backdrop to any boudoir or adult setting. 4 queen sized beds, a king sized bed as well and some couches and a sex swing for that extra fun.

I’ve been doing these kinds of shoots for about 6 years. I got my start in the luckiest way possible… with an honest-to-goodness pornstar. We met for a shoot and have become best of friends since. Every shoot I have done with her I have learned more about posing and lighting and layout than any class could have taught. At least that’s how I feel. I took digital photography classes in college and my first shoot with Layla was using my iPad Pro which had an amazing camera built in.

Since then I’ve upgraded my camera to the Light.co camera and I’ve added some lighting backdrops. I do all of my editing in Adobe Lightroom, with some adjustments happening in Photoshop (as needed).

I’ve done group shoots and solo shoots, couple shoots and BDSM shoots (complete with a portable St. Andrews Cross), and more. If I could figure out how to make a profit from it? I would do it full time because the experience is amazing every time.

If you are a member of my site you can view some of my favorite photoshoots and models and see the pictures, if you aren’t a member? You should be! It’s only $5 per month and that’s a heck of a deal.

Each photoshoot is a private situation where I meet the model(s), usually at Syn, and we discuss beforehand what the goals are. What they are looking for, what kinds of shots they want, what is the mood they want to see in the pictures? Then we go through a wardrobe change and begin shooting. They generally last an hour or two and we end up with 10-15 pictures that (hopefully) everyone is happy with and about 2-300 photos that are mediocre at best.

So far I haven’t had any complaints so I think I’m doing something right.

The pictures I’ve taken all have turned out pretty great. I’ve even gone on to draw from some of them (after getting the models permission of course) which is what I really love doing. You can see my drawings at my Behance site.

If you would like to setup a photoshoot get ahold of me, let's find a time and figure out what works for you. I would love to start working with more Only Fans, Real Fans or Snapchat girls, help them get some good photoshoots put together for their fans. If you let me use some pictures here in my Friends section I'll even discount the shoot!

Capturing the light with my camera has been a passion most of my life but only recently have I been able to explore it as deeply as I have been. Get in touch with me and let's capture some pics as a team! I'm also open to makeup artists and costumers who would like to be involved, if you've got a skill that adds to a fun shoot then hit me up and let's talk!

Peace, Love and Capturing the Light

...and how not to.

Have you ever watched a dumpster fire unravel in front of you, and since the communicators were not involving you, there wasn’t really a place for your voice to interject sanity?

I was a part of that one Saturday.

At the club there are multiple groups that mingle, you have poly and swingers and players and more that come to enjoy the space. Sometimes, not usually, but sometimes entitlement to the space settles in. Sadly I watched it happen on Saturday night.

See, the problem isn’t who is right, or who is wrong, in a discussion. There will ALWAYS be a right or wrong side. It’s HOW the right side handles their right-ness. Are they going to use their platform to educate? Is their goal to flame the offending party or to educate? Do they want to be right? Or do they want to make the space better, to improve it?

It’s not anyone's responsibility TO educate. Don’t get me wrong. If you are right, especially if you have been wronged? You have every right to unleash the hounds of hell. My point is merely to identify that if every discussion is merely a chance for the right side of history to flame the wrong, then we never have a chance for the wrong to sit back and go, “Oh… let me chew on that and maybe grasp and acknowledge that I might have been wrong and come back and correct.”

When you step into a debate, discussion, argument, etc. with both fists swinging, then all you get is black eyes and hurt feelings. Nobody wants to apologize to someone who has bruised them. ESPECIALLY if they did wrong with good intentions. Now if they’re wrong and what they did was horrendous? Fuck them. But if their wrong was a breach of etiquette and someone was miffed or annoyed, why wouldn’t you use that opportunity to educate instead of nuke them? Once you have nuked them, you have shown them that any wrong done in your presence, no matter how small, will be treated as a grievous offense. So they aren’t going to try with you anymore because you are now, “too much work.”

You are a nuclear minefield.

But if you can present a learning environment, willing to educate someone on etiquette instead of crucifying them? Then you offer them a safe space where they can learn and grow safely and they will enjoy their time around you.

Saturday was a battlefield, and I am confident when I say that it damn well didn’t need to be. Not based on ALL of the information at my disposal.

Swinger vs Playa

So let’s break down the difference between a swinger and a player, or more accurately a “playa!”


A person who in engages in group sex or the swapping of sexual partners.


A confident, successful man/woman with many sexual partners.

Player one is Captain Confidence. He is NOT a swinger. He hasn’t presented any information that would leave anyone to think that he is familiar with the lifestyle other than what is told in highschool about key parties and dirty stories. He is a true playa tho, complete with swagger that is undeniable.

Player two is Sexy Susan. She’s been in an Ethically Non-Monogamous lifestyle for more than a few years. She understands a lot of the etiquettes, rules, knows about poly, grasps some kinks, etc. She’s familiar and confident without being cocky.

P1 had arrived a few months earlier and had an interaction with P2 before. Apparently he had touched her feet without her consent. Now keep in mind, it was a group situation where people were freely touching each other, and as a newb to the environment without a sexiquette class it can be easy to assume that touching is just part of the situation. As P2 didn’t correct him then, she merely counted it as points against him, the stage became set against him for this night. It didn’t help that his swagger was completely undesirable to her as well.

So the discussion of masculinity eventually surfaced as P2 egged P1’s swagger through some verbal sparring. P1 obviously has strong opinions on trans issues, his masculinity being strongly tied to his sexuality and his ego he feels very confidently about a woman’s ability to even process masculine concepts. P2 being a queer ally, and strong in her knowledge jumped in with both arms swinging and a wealth of knowledge, and she laid down some really good points. It was a decent discussion and I was hoping, ignorantly, that we might see education come from this.

Instead it appears that P2 just wanted to score points, not see P1 grow from this.

They went back and forth over the night with P1 asserting his stance that masculinity, in its purest form, was simply unavailable to someone born with a vagina. P2 took personal offense at this and chose to personally attack P1 telling him she did not like him as a person. The argument devolved to a back and forth cat fight of snippy comments and nothing productive came from it.

Yet P2 acted like they had won. Like there was a moral high ground that had been accomplished. Like simply refusing ground in the trans struggle was all that was needed to make the world a better place. Meanwhile, P1 is still around and kicking, not impacted at all by the argument other than to feel way more confident in his stance because he wasn’t rebutted. He was attacked by a mean lady who just didn’t like HIM. It wasn’t his message or his stance, it was him.

And I had to watch this whole thing go down and the pats on the back afterwards for the Trans Champion, who didn’t actually champion anything. She just didn’t back down and stayed strong in her position.


The lack of understanding of how to educate, how to reason, how to present an argument and walk through the discussion intelligently so as to highlight and arrange points of importance. How to argue correctly so as to avoid personal attacks and instead attack the topics being discussed. These are all things that were just missing. It was a fist fight with words. Like watching children verbally spar where no one wins and everyone thinks they did.

If you want to argue like this, please don’t do it in a social environment where your verbal vomit spews everywhere. It’s messy, accomplishes nothing, and looks silly. Especially amongst adults.

Ah well… life moves on. Maybe next time I’ll interject and see if some sanity can be added. It’s just frustrating to see my favorite space turned into a brawl zone for verbal sparring.

So over the last two years I’ve come to discover something about myself. A fatal flaw, if you will.

I don’t process financial instability at all. I mean at all. It didn’t help that my unemployment was chaotic and non-standard. My payments turned off thanks to a glitch in their system, and on 3 separate occasions I had to make phone calls to get my unemployment turned back on and get back pay for the missing time. It was literal hell. I couldn’t rely on anything or anyone.

I remember seeing people on social media talking about getting laid off and planning on taking a week to themselves to just relax on unemployment and I was furious! How could you rely on the system?! It’s broken! You have to monitor it closely, watch it for hiccups, and be ready to contact them about their errors.

See I came to find out I was part of 11,000 other Oklahomans who were involved in a glitch in the unemployment database. So my account would just stop working. For no reason.

Then I had to justify to the system why I should still be on unemployment.

It was delightful.

But the key takeaway was my depression. I crashed harder than I’ve ever crashed before. My therapist says it’s PTSD from financial trauma from the system fucking with me. I was never able to rely on anything or anyone, I was constantly on guard, on watch, waiting for something to fuck up, and that did damage to me. It altered the core of who I am.

There were days I was unable to do anything but sit on the couch and job search, apply for those I fit, and sit and disassociate. I couldn’t function, no matter how hard I tried. It was like being detached from who I was. I learned that nothing was stable in life, money was something that could just disappear and my family was literally days and dollars away from being homeless.

It was the hardest lesson of my life. That I was this human who was that fragile. I always pictured myself a little more hardy. Not many things really rattle my cage. But now I know that money hits me directly in the face.

I’m working now. Dream job actually, doing what I love. I still feel rattled to my core tho. Trying to pick up the pieces and resume normalcy, draw, write, blog, and work this dream job are harder than they should be. Being the old me is harder than I feel it should be. It’s coming back in pieces, slowly, but I really want it to come back faster. I want to feel stable, feel normal, feel like I used to and it’s just not happening.

I’m working. I drew for the first time in two years the other night and that felt great. I’m blogging right now, but I really don’t want to write about negative stuff except I don’t know what else to write about. So here I am. Sharing the downs since I also share the ups.

I want to blog regularly. Read and write more often. Draw like I used to.

I guess I just have to wait.

That’s the hardest part… is the waiting. It’s like I’ve waited already for two years. Suffering through some serious financial trauma only to come through it and have what I’ve wanted for years and now I’m struggling to enjoy it. But I keep being told to just wait… it’ll all work out.

So wait I shall.

I’ve shared this story so few times, but each time is indelibly inked in my psyche because the story is raw… each… time… I tell it…

She was my first wife.

I met her at Fort Sill, which… had my recruiter or ANY of my fellow Marine’s done their job I would have been scared off of locals enough to never have thought to fall in love with her. But I did.

A Marine stationed on an Army base made me unique enough. But out of the Marines stationed there I think I stood out a little further. I had a library card. I never once entered a strip club nor a bar.

I visited the roller rink.

I had mastered the art of rollerblading in California. I had gone so far as to teach classes, ran a Roller Hockey league, and played in an adult team… The Killer Dolphins.

Yeah, I didn’t fit in with the other Marines.

They would get a hotel room to share, get plastered, bring girls back to their rooms, and have massive parties.

I went skating and sat in my room and read and drew.

And met her.

She was riding with her step-mother in the taxi. It was WAY before Uber existed. And she was there in the cab flirting with me as I drove from the rink to McDonalds. I might not have lived the lifestyle I do now, but I was confident and her number was mine before I was dropped off.

I was entranced by something about her…

Now I’ve come to understand there’s a part of me that notices damaged people. Back then I mistook it for an attraction.

A few years later we were married… and little Scotty was born.


My dad was a mess. I mean this on ALL levels you can mean such a statement. He still is. He raised me to follow one standard of living, one way of treating people, only to show that he doesn’t actually follow that in any imaginable standard of living. He raised me to follow a religion that has 42,000+ different ways of following it. Seriously. Over 42,000 ways. But only his way is the right one.

I have enough damage from that mess I could write whole books on that relationship.

Suffice it to say, when I discovered I was a father… something in me swiveled and changed. Parts of who I was changed, forever. I made decisions about who I was and who I would become based on this new being that I was becoming. I was not going to do things the way I had had them modeled for me. I had goals.

But the marriage I was in was a wreck. She was a wreck. I caught her cheating, almost made some life altering decisions for everyone involved. More permanent changes were put in place in my innermost sanctum sanctorum of who I was that are still there to this day because of how she betrayed our marriage.

A divorce forever altered how marriage would be perceived by me, and then I discovered drug use on top of things. Fearing for the safety of my child I started proceedings to get full custody of my son.

Little did I know that she had that one all wrapped up in a neat little package with a bow.

We were talking and I told her that she had made it clear our son wasn’t safe, I needed to get custody for his safety and I wasn’t doing it to hurt her. She laughed.

I still remember this moment.

I had one of those telephones with the long telephone cords and it was wrapped around my arms as I spoke, I was nervous and had been twining it around and around hoping she would snap out of whatever she was going through.

I asked her what was so funny, why didn’t she care about sharing custody of our child?

She said they wouldn’t give me custody.

I asked her why she was so certain.

She said because he most likely wasn’t even yours.

My stomach did things I didn’t know stomachs could do.

I didn’t throw up, but I did something similar.

Within a months time a genetic test using my traitorous blood declared me unfit in the eyes of the government to care for a child literally named after me. I did get divorced from her tho, and was free from her manipulations until 25 years later when she called me up out of the blue after finding me on Facebook wanting to hook up. That’s right… she thought things were peachy between us. I spent an hour unraveling her self delusion and explaining to her how things happened. Clueless has a goddess and it is her.

September 4th.

I remember it every year.

It hurts every year.

It’s been 27 years this year.

It still hurts.

I’m hoping that by sharing this… I can erase some of that pain. I can purge that sensation.

I still remember being there at his birth. I remember holding him when he cried, changing his diapers, feeding him. I remember sitting on the porch at his aunts boyfriends house and whispering stories to him, telling him how much I loved him, what his life would be like.

I promised him everything.

It was all a lie.

Every word was stripped from me.

Fatherhood was stolen from me by betrayal of the darkest kind.

Trust was damaged on a scale that has never quite healed in my heart, for anyone.

I turned 50 this year and I just kinda figured I wouldn’t hurt about that kid anymore. That the pain of losing my not-son would stop. It wouldn’t flounder in my heart and make me want to cry and mourn the loss of a child that was never even mine. That I could just let him go.

But so far, it sure hasn’t.

Here’s to hoping the pain can finally stop.

May all your children be YOUR CHILDREN and you never lose them no matter what. He might not have been my blood child, but he will always be my son, even if my blood says otherwise.

Peace, Love and Parenthood.

If you’ve been in any poly group online you’ve seen the post.

A couple looking for a third. And no, not an extra player for spades. Also, not “generally” a dude.

So a couple, a man and a woman, look for a woman to join them for fun in bed. And this is a controversial topic in MANY circles. And I mean it’s so controversial that even the muggles know about this stuff.

The Sun notes that the issues that arise are simply that the couple expects the unicorn to give up her freedom to explore except with them. On top of this, the couple has each other and keeps the third in seclusion, relationship wise, so if things don’t work out they always get to fall back on each other but she get’s to fall back on the door. For a British news organization for muggles, they nailed the common pitfalls with Unicorn Hunting fairly cleanly. Granted, they simplified everything also.

Urban DIctionary goes for the more ‘tongue in cheek’ swipe, but nails it on the head. Most hunters seem to have this kind of thought process AND they don’t seem to see the issues. In their minds they are a catch and worth every psychotic episode. BUT… again… it’s important here to remember, not every hunter fits these ridiculously overblown stereotypes. I’m not done tho… Let’s see what else is out there, in general.

Business Insider… yes, you are reading this right… Freaking Business Insider… got it the closest so far.

"The woman of the couple finds other people to socialise with, and the man realises he's not the centre of attention that he [thought he] would be, and thinks 'this isn't as much fun as I thought it would be,'" Sheff said. "These couples either blow up, [or] some of them return to monogamy... and she might have a little more clout than she used to. But if she really likes it, and he really can't stand it, they'll break up."

And they are right. The most common scenario is the straight male wants two women in bed with him, so he broaches the topic. He introduces the lifestyles to his partner. She starts to enjoy this sexual oasis, and as he starts to feel threatened and pulls the plug, she suddenly realises that ethical non-monogamy isn’t just a fling-thing for her. It’s a lifestyle she wants to explore. Maybe NEEDS to explore.

Suddenly the puzzle pieces of his life don’t quite fit back together the way he had hope they would.

They sum up some general arguments against Unicorn Hunting and honestly? They make solid points. Most situations where a couple are looking for a third that I have seen are couples who aren’t branching out into non-monogamy but rather are looking for a live sex toy.

Not all… yes, there are PLENTY of couples that want a valid human to involve in their life. You are obviously that couple, you are good people, you aren’t a nasty unicorn hunter… ahem…

But seriously?

If you want to know the truth?

It doesn’t matter.

I have watched monogamous people try on partners for size and discard them just as viciously. I’ve watched monogamous people adopt a person, avoid all romantic connectivity but care for and watch out for another person while enjoying a sexual and intimate relationship with them that was far more rewarding than any 50 years marriage.

It’s not about these attributes that people seem to cling to, if you ask me. Do they love them? Do they speak their love language? Are they compatible?


Are they happy with what they have?

Not perfectly, but happy. Are they? Is it safe, sane and consensual? Are they adults?

Then leave. it. the. fuck. alone.

Yeah, I could tear apart various aspects of emotional care being left out, whether the unicorn is being treated equally, whether the couple is using her, and so much more. And these ARE important questions that need to be asked, don’t get me wrong. But they don’t invalidate a connection. But we are dealing with adults. If a unicorn doesn’t care that the couple has ‘couples privilege’ why should you? If she enjoys the sexual energy being shared and knows that this situation could end soon? Then why do you care?

Safe - Sane - Consensual

All relationships should be safe, sane and consensual. If they follow these guidelines then it’s between the adults to muddle through the middle ground of everything else.

Some people don’t want romance.

Some people just want sexual relationships.

Some people don’t want sexual relationships.

Some people just want romance.

Everyone is different.

And that’s fucking ok.

It’s always blown me away HOW MANY PEOPLE think it’s ok to tell others how to handle their relationships. It’s a HUGE part of why I’m a Relationship Anarchist. I’m not poly, I’m not monogamous, I’m not a swinger, I’m not whatever hole you want to snug me into. I am what I am. I do what I choose. My relationships are between myself and those I am involved with.

Yeah, I get it. Unicorns have been hurt by Unicorn Hunters. I’ve also known couples hurt by a partner. I think that the real issue here is education. Learn about ethical non-monogamy. Research the pitfalls, the common problems, the communication problems, the areas of concern, and be ready to discuss with EVERY partner. Just like you should with monogamy.

Open or Closed Non-Monogamy

When any partnership, or couple, throuple, triad, polycule, gathering, crowd, incorporation or whatever you want to call your collection of lovers and signification others, is created there needs to be a discussion on the boundaries.

Are you open or closed?

Will your members be able to accept new members or the current roster the ONLY roster?

This is really the core issue with Unicorn Hunting. Most poly people find the hunters to be ‘fake’ poly. They see this ‘couple’ that ‘opens’ their marriage for a woman, and ONLY a woman, which means that the man is adding a partner generally. Sure, if the unicorn is bisexual and his partner is bisexual then all parties involved are gaining a partner as well. But in many cases it’s not uncommon to hear the couple is looking for a straight woman for their unicorn which means the man is getting a partner, and the woman is getting competition.

So with the man being the only person truly being poly in this kind of scenario, the issues that can arise are jealousy on behalf of his partner. Jealousy on behalf of the unicorn.

Then there’s OPP.

One Penis Policy. Meaning that the third is ONLY allowed to be a woman. This means that the man is setting all the rules for exploration and sexual enjoyment in the relationship. It creates an unequal standing for all involved as the man is the only person with power in the relationships being created and the women are just toys for his enjoyment. Which under certain circumstances can be perfectly fine, if all involved are ok with that. But usually when it happens it’s not something that everyone signed up for.

In many cases this is strategically done too. Because what man wants to allow his partner to explore and discover that his inadequacies are legion? Not just his sexual inadequacies, but emotional, mental, intelligence and more. If he adds a new partner that his girl can connect with emotionally and sexually and she discovers a partner that offers a connection with pieces that he doesn’t have? Due to trauma, immaturity, laziness, or whatever? That relationship won’t last long.

So open or closed? It’s important for so many reasons. These are questions that you should ask each other. Whether you are the unicorn or the hunters.

But there are so many more.

So yeah, I get it. Unicorn Hunting can end up with people hurt. ANY kind of relationships require communication. You constantly discuss how you feel, what you want to see, what you think is working, what you think isn’t working, and what you can work on together to make things better.

If someone isn’t able to honestly interact? If someone can’t treat your feelings as valid, as worth discussing, as important or vulnerable, then you. aren’t. safe. and. that. needs. to. be. addressed.

Too often I see couples where one is dismissed as childish, immature, or invalid because they get feelings, they are hurt, they have tears or strong emotions.

It’s sad because that’s what life is about. If you can’t understand that emotions are a part and parcel of our humanity then I’m unsure of what you are doing involved in a relationship with a thinking, feeling human because that’s what thinking, feeling humans do. They think and feel. It’s the job of a partner in that relationship to respect, value and interact with those emotions as tenderly and lovingly as possible.

I guess I just see so many aspects of Unicorn Hunting as that sliding scale. It’s not a black and white scenario. It’s not always bad, it’s not always good, it’s up to those involved to make it what they will.

Well, that’s all I have for today Blinksters. Unicorn hunters get a lot of flack, unicorns too. Don’t let people tell you what to do either way, whether you are screwing it up or if you’ve perfected the scenario. Nobody has anything perfected. There is no guidebook that has the answers, not even this blog, I know… shocking. We all have opinions and it’s up to you to read, learn, adapt, and grow.

If you can communicate and respect each other and keep things safe, sane and consensual? You’ll probably have a great time. If not? I’m gonna say that the pips are not in your favor on those dice.

So get out there and Hunt those unicorns if that’s your thing… or find your Unicorn Hunters if THAT’S your thing… but be smart about it either way.

Peace, Love and Horny Horse Heads

TW: suicide






I wish I was dead.

Like for real. I would be dead if I hadn’t come up with the ‘Way of the Pips.’

The Way of the Pips

I realized a long time ago that each day has the potential to be the best day I have had yet..

My daughter could be born, I could fall in love, get hired for my dream job, or more. Granted, it could also be the darkest day yet. My grandfather dying, a depression that spans the depths, becoming unemployed, realizing that Governor Stitt was my Governor. Things can go really wrong. But… they have the potential to go right as long as you roll the dice.

And each day that I wake up, is a day I can reset the slate and take a chance at getting the right roll of those dice of fate. Finding the right set of pips that puts my day on a great track.

Most likely? I get an average roll. Crappy or Decent, the day just doesn’t fly to the moon... or hell, but it’s ok. Because the day I stop rolling those dice? That’s the day that I give up on a perfect roll.

If I didn’t have this path, this ‘Way of the Pips,’ then I wouldn’t be here. I would have chosen the void over this world years ago. I am reasonably happy, but I struggle with a level of depression that’s too heavy. I spent a decade taking care of a spouse with MS and she paid me back by cheating on me. I guess working 3 jobs to provide for her didn’t provide me enough time with her.

Now my life is a constant struggle. I try to fill it with Sissyphus level of personal tasks, things I try to keep occupied with that are interesting and fun, but it gets so hard some days to find anything resembling joy. My daughter is about it next to my partners, and it’s a struggle with all of that as well. I work on it daily and the pips reward me a lot of the time, but life is really hard with bipolar AND being married to someone with bipolar.

So the ‘Way of the Pips’ sustains me, gives me focus and allows me to pursue breathing.

Which I do.


How do you combat sadness? Depression? Rough times?

Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to hear from ya.

In the meantime try out the way of the pips, it works for everyone… one more day after today… roll those dice. Order a T-shirt if you want.

Peace, Love and Pips

Welcome to Part 3 of Sexiquette. Where the irreverent Reverend Blink attempts to give you some Sexiquette on the how to’s of visiting a sex club, in this particular instance, a Dungeon!

Make sure to read up on my Sexiquette series:

  1. Part 1! Where I discuss sexiquette that should covers ALL clubs
  2. Part 2! Where I discuss the Sexiquette for Dungeons.
  3. Part 3! Where I discuss the Sexiquette for Swinger Clubs.

I’ve been to Dungeons and Swinger clubs and enjoyed both. They each have their own Sexiquette, rules, and expectations of members and patrons. So besides reading up on what is expected at the location you are going to, this is my opinions and experiences on the general guidelines and helpful tools for you.

The Swinger Club

The Swinger clubs I’ve visited have been fun places. In general, everyone was there to socialize. They might not have been there to hook up, despite the nature of the club, but they WERE there to hang out, meet up, and have fun. Think of a regular club with your tits out.

The atmosphere was relaxed but spicy. It all depended on the general mood, or theme, of the party and how the week was for the most part, for those who were attending. I’ve seen fairly relaxed parties where most people were just like “Ahhhhhhhh… I’m not at fucking work…” and parties where everyone was like “I’m here to fuck until I die!”

The Sexiquette at a swinger club is a little less involved. I believe it’s in part due to the nature of swinging. There’s no real rules in place, outside of whatever the individual couple has established between themselves,

Bring your own protection

We’re all adults here and sexual health is either important to you or it isn’t. But when it comes to swingers the attitudes I’ve seen have been wildly mixed. Some couples only do X while some never do X as it pertains to protection, so I would never hope to assume a sexual health protocol for anyone. You have to decide what works for you and your health and what doesn’t. Figure it out, decide how far you will bend or waver, and don’t go past that. Also figure out how often you are getting tested. Some couples require current testing results before they play. SOME couples require getting to know you over a few weeks, or months, before ever getting naked with you, so don’t assume anything.

Establish communication protocols

Some couples have specific protocols for how they communicate. They consider someone from the other sex talking with their SO to be not ok. They want all communications to go through them. Some wingman for their SO and will approach you if they think you are a good fit, appearance-wise, for their partner. Some only play as a couple and some only play separately and some have some random assortments of interests in between. So be ready to move slow, talk lots, and just relax.

Don't Be Pushy

Whether you bring someone with you, or meet someone there. Don't try to "convince" them that they should do, or try, or experiment, with something or someone that they continue to push back against. It's creepy.

Consent is king.

Have the conversation. Talk. Communicate. But don't push. If someone says no, don't push. It makes you look REALLY bad to those around you. No one wants to play with the person that can't take a no, especially at a sex club.

So whether it's your spouse or someone you just met... if they say no? Either be ready to let it go or know how to communicate correctly, for all of us within listening distance.

Be Cool

Above all, like Lebowski said, just chill man.

A swinger club can be a lot of fun, outside of the sex and trust me, the sex I've seen can be outrageous and amazing. The people there are literally primed for a good time in ways that muggles just aren’t. So come to have a good time, don't expect to get lucky, and you'll most likely walk away smiling.

I've had great times at sex clubs and I've had bad times. If I had to say what made them both?

The bad times were when I had expectations. If I thought something "should" happen, then it didn't matter what DID happen, I would end up unhappy. There's always a problem with expectations in my opinion, especially when they are there without someone promising them to you.

The good times were when I just went with the flow, especially when I also went with fun people. It didn't matter if we played or just hung out. Swinger clubs are a blast!

So I hope this helps. I hear a lot of people ask what it's like and what to expect. Each club is, of course, different but I think I covered the basics that should fit all clubs in these articles. If you have comments or questions, don't hesitate to leave me a note in the comments below!

Either way, support your local club! Have fun, safe and consensual.

Peace, Love and Swing away...

p.s. Before you leave, I would love to know if you've visited a sex club before? Fill out the form and let me know a little about the visit?

Welcome to Part 2 of Sexiquette. Where the irreverent Reverend Blink attempts to give you some Sexiquette on the how to’s of visiting a sex club, in this particular instance, a Dungeon!

Make sure to read up on my Sexiquette series:

  1. Part 1! Where I discuss sexiquette that should covers ALL clubs
  2. Part 2! Where I discuss the Sexiquette for Dungeons.
  3. Part 3! Where I discuss the Sexiquette for Swinger Clubs.

I’ve been to Dungeons and Swinger clubs and enjoyed both. They each have their own Sexiquette, rules, and expectations of members and patrons. So besides reading up on what is expected at the location you are going to, this is supposed to be a general guideline and helpful tool for you.

The Dungeon

If you are visiting a dungeon then it’s quite likely that you’ve been vetted already. This means you’ve been given the rules and regulations for how to act. What things you can bring, what you can and can’t wear, and acceptable activities and dynamics. You’ve passed some kind of background check, good for you. And now it’s time to don your gear, grab your toy bag and head to the darker place in your city of choice.

So now that we have covered the basics for most clubs, in our Part 1 of this series, let’s cover some Dungeon Sexiquette basics.

Take Your Turn

Everyone at the Dungeon is there to use the equipment. They’ve been planning their scene. Texting back and forth, pumping themselves and their submissive/Dom up with ideas and flirtations and pics and more, for the last week or longer. This night is a culmination of LOTS of hungry thoughts and desires FINALLY come true.

But just like at the arcade, if someone else is playing the video game? You have to put your quarter on the machine and wait your damn turn.

Did I just date myself? Maybe. It’s not like anyone else will.

The point is, it’s time to wait.

If the scene playing out before you isn’t your style and you’re bored? Maybe it’s too soft, or hard, for your taste? That’s ok. Your scene will be the same for someone else. Bring a book, sketchbook, draw and read or meditate. Whatever you need to do. Just take a deep breath and wait. your. turn.

Make sure you are aware of who else might already be waiting too. Not everyone is OBVIOUSLY waiting in the right place, if you see a couple, or group, sitting off to the side when you enter an occupied area? Maybe ask if they are waiting to use the area after it’s done.

Just be polite and respectful and make sure to wait your turn.

Clean Your Station

When you are done, most likely the Dungeon will have someone that will clean the areas anyway. But whether thats true, or not, clean your space. I would recommend cleaning it before use as well. You never know how well the last scene was cleaned before you got there. The last thing you want is to catch “something” regardless of what that “something” may, or may not, be. Covid isn’t the only scary thing passing around in this wonderful world of ours, and it’s not the only thing you can catch from an improperly cleaned Dungeon equipment item.

Just keep things clean, especially after yourself, but probably don’t trust the last person to clean the equipment you are about to use and clean before you use as well. It’s just smarter. It’s polite to clean after your use as well.

Keep Your Distance

Most Dungeons will have rules about how far you need to stand when watching others scene. But do everyone a favor and stand a little father. If you’ve never scened in a public space, or around strangers, trust me when I say it can get disconcerting to have a stranger intrude on your scene. It can pull a Dom or a submissive straight out of their D/s-space quickly and destroy their scene faster than you can say their safeword.

So don’t do it. It’s not only rude, it can get you kicked out or banned from that Dungeon. Even if you technically obeyed the rules for the Dungeon. You never know WHO you are disrupting, it could be the best friend, lover, or favorite submissive of the Dungeon owner that you are causing grief for at that very moment.

Respect The Doms

In a Dungeon there is going to be a caste system, class system, a hierarchical system of power that is unique from most places you will visit. The odd thing is it can evaporate and re-form at will depending on location and timing. See everyone there will (most likely) be involved in a power-exchange relationship of some kind or another. They are either a Dominant or Submissive in some way or another.

When they are scening, or preparing to scene, or post scening… they will most likely be in that mindset. Very much in Dom or Submissive headspaces. So a Dom is going to expect to be talked to respectfully, or least politely. A submissive will expect to be treated the same, or to be ignored at the least.

And then there’s the social areas where suddenly the power-exchange can suddenly disappear. And that Dom that demanded their sub defer to them in all ways even to the point of avoiding eye contact is suddenly laughing and joking with them, even hugging and kissing maybe.

So to be on the safe side, just ignore acting submissive unless spoken to, and be polite to Dominants. You aren’t in a power exchange relationship with them, so you don’t have to submit, but just avoid any hassles and treat them like you want to be treated. Hopefully, they’ll treat you the same.

Don’t Stare

Ok, I get it. If this is your first time it’s going to be overwhelming. Whips and chains and floggers, oh my. Not to mention the leather gear and nipples everywhere. It’s like a porn video exploded all over you. And it can be overwhelming. Just practice keeping your head moving around so you don’t focus on anyone person, or body part, longer than is natural.

Trust me, it’s fairly fantastic. The mind can get lost in a dungeon. The ideas, the beauty, the leather… *drool*

But do not stare. It’s rude.

Which brings us to the last sexiquette for Dungeons, it’s close to keeping an open mind...

Don’t Judge

Look. BDSM is a wide ranging string of dynamics. Some men like to dress up in nun outfits and be sexually overpowered by women in priest outfits. Some women like to be held down while struggling and ravaged sexually. There’s leather, anal probes, floggers, knives, and more for those who with an interest.

Your interest may not line up with someone elses… but someone elses may not line up with yours, neither.

The important thing to remember is, if you don’t like what someone else is doing?

Then don’t do that thing.

But certainly don’t give them grief about doing it.

As long as things are Safe, Sane and Consensual? Leave others alone.

Time To Pack Up The Toy Bag

So, your visit to the Dungeon should be just fine. Yeah, you’ll make a faux paus. Maybe not today, maybe not next time, but it’ll happen. Don’t worry about it. Just try not to be malicious and it’ll work out fine.

Read the rules, keep your record clean, and practice consent.

Make sure you don’t forget anything at the Dungeon when you leave, clean up after yourself and your partner(s), be polite and patient and you’ll have a good chance of enjoying yourself to the fullest.

I’ve had over two and a half decades of experience in the BDSM world. I’ve been to dungeons, house parties, classes, training sessions, and more. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed 95% of every experience I have ever had in the lifestyle and I blame that enjoyment on these Sexiquette guidelines. So hopefully they help you too.

Just make sure you pack your toy bag up after you are done. There’s nothing more terrifying than realizing you left your $75 flogger and $100 cane set because you weren’t paying attention, because most Dungeons don’t necessarily stay open 24/7 and you might have to wait awhile before you can get those back.

Peace, Love and Floggers.

p.s. Before you leave, I would love to know if you've visited a sex club before? Fill out the form and let me know a little about the visit?

In 1947 Rudolf Schenkel wrote about wolves and created a freaking phenomenon that would alter the course of history, for toxic masculinity. David Mech, the world's most profiled wolf researcher, realized this was a mistake and has been trying to change this. He still is, to this day.

Rudolf wrote about these wolves who created this violent hierarchical social structure.The Alpha male kept control, there were beta males, omega males, all of the greek alphabet eventually made it into this mix. Whether Rudolf had anything to do with the expansion letters or not is irrelevant. The point is, it became the thing. Men of the 1950’s had these animalistic totem animals they could identify as… which, if you’re following today's trans issues, is REALLY funny.

But it has been the standard for so long, even to today. It’s the foundation for what is known as toxic masculinity. This idea that in order to be a good male, you have to be: aggressive; dominant; assertive; take control of your mate; control your pack (kids) with brutal decisiveness; eat first; act like your gender and make sure your mate acts like theirs; etc… All of these ridiculous notions bled out around these concepts, from what I’ve seen

Sure, other societal factors fed into it as well. But, I’ve watched countless online discussions where people defend acting like the douche because that’s what wolves do in nature and they are just being alpha males so, “deal with it.”

Damaged Masculinity

The problem was that Rudolf was studying wolves in captivity. Captured, kept in tiny enclosed spaces. These were terrified and anxious creatures. They weren’t the free and noble creatures that wild wolves are. Mech has noted that in nature, the wild, that wolves don’t form these hierarchies Rudolf identified because packs generally consist of two parents of their own children. The leaders of the pack are literally mom and dad.

There’s no Alpha male and female wolf, it’s just the parents. Any aggression seen is mom and pops spanking the kids, the amount of food doled out? It’s based on what they feel is appropriate. Aggressive towards a male adult? It’s probably courting one of their daughters.

All of the posturing that 1950’s men passed down to their son’s about how a man is supposed to act, because they believed in this Alpha male concept is just… wolf-shit. Literally.

Pack leaders make sure their kids eat, protect older members, watch out for the younger ones, they don’t kill their own kids, and they sure don’t need to assert dominance anymore than ANY father needs to against his own son, or towards an interested male poking his nose around one of his daughters. They just lead by example, showing how to hunt, how to feed yourself, how to do things.

All of the toxic masculinity traits we see are literally men acting like scared, damaged, captured wolves.

It’s frustrating. Because humanity can be so much more.

We can learn from nature. Watching wolves is amazing. They nurture their young, accept them for who they are. Play with them, feed with them, train them, and so much more. So don’t be fooled. Alpha males aren’t. It’s a damaged concept.

"By continuously controlling and suppressing all types of competition within the same sex, both ‘alpha animals’ defend their social position."

Rudolf Schenkel

As early as 1947, Schenkel mentioned that it was possible that wild wolf packs consisted of a monogamous pair, their puppies and one- to two-year-old pups. But this information was overlooked.

These outdated ideas, ideas literally proven wrong by researchers much more qualified and trained, they need to die off. They need to be replaced by the true ideas of the nurturing wolf parents.

David Mech studied wold packs on Ellesmere Island in Canada for 13 summers. He was able to get close enough to study them up to 3 feet away at times, over several years. His discovery led him to struggle to dismiss these outdated Alpha Male and Female concepts with a passion due to the fact that what was usually the “Alpha Male and Female” were just mom and dad.

“Dominance fights with other wolves are rare, if they exist at all. During my 13 summers where I observed the pack, I saw none.”

Mech wrote in an article entitled “Alpha Status, Dominance, and Division of Labor in Wolf Packs”.

So let’s do what we can to put to rest this ridiculous notion of the ‘Alpha Male.’ It’s based on studies of damaged, captive and unhealthy animals. A true “Alpha Male’ according to the historically accurate studies would be a deranged lunatic wolf. Not a healthy, happy leader of a pack.

I’ve been a huge fan of wolves throughout my life. I’m quite thrilled to know they are actually kinder than most humans in fact, going so far as to raise their kids with more compassion than the average American family as far as I can tell. Accepting them for all that they do, letting them chase butterflies or hunt mice regardless of what gentalia they may carry.

Let’s be more like wolves.

Peace, Love and Howl at the Moon

Make sure to read up on my Sexiquette series:

  1. Part 1! Where I discuss sexiquette that should covers ALL clubs
  2. Part 2! Where I discuss the Sexiquette for Dungeons.
  3. Part 3! Where I discuss the Sexiquette for Swinger Clubs.

You’ve finally decided it’s time. You’ve been contemplating visiting that sex club you’ve learned about. You have had friends talk about it, your partner has discussed it, maybe you just learned and it’s that Friday night and you need something to do that changes your world for the ‘More Interesting?’

Whatever your reasons, if you’ve never been? There’s an etiquette for acting that is fairly universal at a sex club that is different from every other type of club.

This isn’t a strip club with extra steps.

This isn’t an adult movie theatre with additional options.

This is a bona fide sex club and it is going to require you to not act like a fool. Trust me. I watch people act like a fool and burn their chances on a regular basis. I work security at a swinger club and newbies are fairly regular these days with covid relaxing in America. We literally have, on average, about 4 new couples each weekend. The most I’ve seen so far was 7 new couples and on that night they were ALL brand new to the lifestyle AND to our club. It was a fun night!

All Clubs

It doesn’t matter what kind of club you visit, dungeon, swinger club, etc. If it’s a sex club, there are some basic sexiquettes that will help make your visit an enjoyable one.

Consensual Interactions

If you don’t know the people you are interacting with, don’t touch them without asking.

Most people at these clubs are perfectly fine with being manhandled, groped, felt up and more, but only after being asked. Nobody really wants to be touched by someone they don’t like and you never know if you are someone they like unless you ask, or get to know them first.

It’s as simple as, “You are gorgeous/handsome, do you mind *gestures with hands*?”

You don’t have to go overboard with asking consent, you just have to ask consent.

Granted? If you want to go farther? Take your time and get to know them. That consent could lead you to a more interesting situation depending on what you, and they, are looking for.

Lowered Expectations

If you show up to a club expecting to get lucky, you are bound to have a bad experience.

Yes. This is a sex club.

Yes. Everyone is (generally) there to have sex.

HOWEVER, not everyone is there (necessarily) to have sex with YOU.

There are people there to meet up with specific partners, some are there to meet people in real life that they’ve been talking with through apps or online, make new friends and create new friendships that might lead to new connections, or more.

There are even couples that aren’t in the lifestyle who don’t want to get a $100+ dollar hotel room. They’ve got kids, got a babysitter, they want live porn with the other club goers, access to a bed, and that’s it.

So don’t go on your first night and expect anything other than a relaxed meet and greet night. Plan to meet people, get to know as many as you can. Find out where people are meeting online, what Facebook groups, or Fetlife, or whatever apps they are using and what groups on those apps, and see if you can get an invite. This is how connections are forming these days.

But don’t expect to show up and blow up.

It’s possible. I’ve seen it happen. But it’s not the norm.

Be Respectful

Every partnership at these clubs is different. Some people are in polycules, some are married couples, some are single, some are solo poly, some are immortal vampires, so you want to approach everyone respectfully. Ok, I made that last one up but my point still stands. Don’t approach and just aggressively pursue a fuck-fling. Take a minute and get to know some basics about this person you are interested in. Is there someone else you should be talking to first? Some spouses/poly-members prefer to be approached before EVER contacting their partner about potential playtime. Some spouses prefer to be the sole-wingman seeking out the potential partners and don’t care for anyone to approach their significant other at all.

I never said this was easy. Everyone has their own way of doing this, you’re gonna fuck it up on some level, I’m just trying to help you fuck it up the least damaging way possible.


Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Condoms. Dental Dams. Morning After Pills. Whatever you are most concerned about.

Nobody is out there worried about your sexual health as much as YOU should be.

This IS a sex club so MOST LIKELY you are dealing with people who test regularly, are healthy, and know their status. Which is ALSO why they MIGHT NOT be interested in taking on someone they don’t know. ( See Lowered Expectation above. ) You are an unknown. Walk in and grab someone's attention and then get to the right moment and suddenly show how clueless you are by NOT having condoms and you might find that party moment closing pretty quick.

But do everyone, yourself included, and get an STI/STD test before going. For YOUR knowledge and well-being as well. Ask the clinic to test you for EVERYTHING too, not just the standard. There are several STDs that they don’t test for because of their prevalence, like herpes. It’s so common that unless you ask? They don’t test. So ask!

I’m not saying to bring your test results? But would it hurt?

Patience Daniel-san

Ok. You are going to a sex club. And it’s your first time. And it’s exciting.

But trust me… If you act like a kid in a candy store? It’s going to paint that picture ALL OVER YOU… it’s ok to be excited, but don’t go overboard. Have fun, but be patient. Talk with people, have fun, have a few drinks if the club is drink friendly but DON'T GET DRUNK. You want to be able to go back and you can’t do that if you get banned. Just be patient.

This isn’t a strip club. This isn’t an adult movie theatre. The attendants at a sex club are there to strip beds, clean up, and look pretty. That’s it. The other customers aren’t there for your pleasure neither. If you happen to enjoy looking at them? Awesome! If they happen to enjoy you looking at them? Even better! But they DON’T OWE YOU ANYTHING.

Be patient. Be cool. Do not act the fool.

Trust me, the fool gets banned.

Keep Your Distance

In the fuckroom people are having fun. It’s fun to watch too. You know what isn’t fun? When you are in the middle of having sex and some stranger you don’t know decides to get right up next to you and blows your concentration which means you don’t get to blow your load. It’s some serious bullshit.

So keep your fucking distance. If you aren’t invited to join a party on the bed then don’t get within 6 feet of that bed, if you can help it.

This is one of the more simpler sexiquettes.

The Three S’s

I served in the Marines… yeah, it was a million years ago… But I still remember the 3 S’s.

Shit. Shower. Shave.

Do those. Please. For everyone that will be in the same room with you when you get naked. ESPECIALLY for the person you are getting naked with. Clean that willy or va jay jay.

This is another of the more simple sexiquettes. It SHOULDN’T have to be said. Sadly, it does.

Don’t Chat In The Fuckroom

Ok. As someone that works at a swinger club, I deal with this one way too much.

If you want to chat? There is GENERALLY a chat area. I can also pretty much GUARANTEE you that area is NOT where people are having sex. So please don’t interrupt the sexy vibe, for those trying to enjoy themselves, by talking! If you can’t help yourself and you just HAVE to chat? Go outside, to the bar, to home, to the Library… I don’t really care. Just anywhere OTHER THAN where. people. are. having. sex.


Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here

At least I hope not… That would be WAY weird. But my point is, clean up after yourself. Yeah, there is most likely an attendant, but PLEASE don’t make them pick up your used condoms or your gum. Don’t. Just take a few moments after you are done with the bed and check everything, phone, watch, socks, underwear, earrings, etc.

Throw away anything that’s nasty and then head out.

You had fun, pick up after yourself, and move on out so the next couple can do so as well!

Super simple. Not that big of a deal.

Tip the attendants

Last, but not least, is the most important.

Tip your attendants. They are dealing with your sex-soaked sheets, left over condoms, those drinks you were NOT supposed to bring into the fuckroom, your advances, and more. I can guarantee you they are NOT making enough money doing what they do.

Leave them a tip. JUST the tip. Not your number, not a kiss, just a tip.

And yes… I get that I made an entendre. Sue me. It’s my blog. I’m a pervert.

Closing Time

After a night at the sex club, whether you’ve gotten lucky or not, I’m willing to bet you will have had a good time. There are not many clubs where you can watch people have sex, see that many people completely naked, nor discuss sex so freely. It’s quite liberating actually… or at least it is for me.

But there comes that fateful hour where you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay there.

Closing time.

Hopefully you’ve got some new Facebook friends, found a new group to join on Kik or Mewe, and are already texting a new hottie or two. If not, there’s always next time.

I’ll advise you to not give up if your first night is a complete bust.

Having worked at a swinger club for awhile and been a patron for years, my wife and I both, I can tell you honestly that I’ve seen party nights that were just dead and party nights that made debauchery look tame. Give it a second and a third go. Find out what theme nights are coming up and ask the owner, staff, or patrons, what the best parties to visit are and then come on those nights next time.

I’m not gonna promise that you will have fun, I’m not gonna promise that you’ll get laid, and I’m not gonna promise that it’ll be fun. You might just be someone that doesn’t fit into this lifestyle. But if you can follow the sexiquette I list out here? I can tell you that your chances of having fun and finding a fun partner, or partners even, will go up exponentially.


Go out there… check out that club… Find what you are looking for…

I’ll be working security at mine every Saturday from 8pm to 2am.

Peace, Love and Sexiquette

p.s. Before you leave, I would love to know if you've visited a sex club before? Fill out the form and let me know a little about the visit?