Written by randomblink on January 1, 2021

Who I Am

I am a Husband and a Father.

My wife and daughter are my world. I hustle daily to make sure they are taken care of. Eventually I hope that my efforts create an engine that generates income regularly enough that I can stop running so hard, but for now I am moving constantly. For them, tho, it is worth it.

I am the oldest sibling of 4.

I was the babysitter, the guide, the fuck up, and more. Growing up with bipolar I now understand why they seem to be so much more successful at their endeavors than I could ever be. Sure I have my successes, but not at college, not at work, not at so many things I tried… definitely not at things that they seem to pull off effortlessly. I’ve come to terms with it, but it’s still a point of contention in my brain with myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy FOR them, just wish that my brain didn’t battle me in some of those areas so that I could have succeeded where I wanted to.

I am a Relationship Anarchist.

I am an Ethical Non-Monogamist that follows the path of the relationship anarchist. This means that each relationship I form is unique between myself and the other parties involved. I don’t adhere to preconceived ideas of how a relationship is supposed to look like, I don’t stick with any prescribed methodologies, I don’t follow any guidelines other than safe, sane, consensual and between adults. Done.


I am an Artist.

I draw, paint, sculpt, quill, embroider, color, scrape, and more. If you can apply color to a medium and generate art then chances are I either enjoy doing it or I will be trying it soon. My favorite medium is digital art. I like to work within the Adobe environment on my iPad or iMad predominantly, but that’s simply because I’m usually in front of one or holding the other.

I am a Photographer.

I got into photography because I needed certain poses from models and I could never rely on distant models to send me the poses I wanted, so I started taking classes in photography. This allowed me to start photographing the poses I wanted for reference purposes. Now I find myself drawn to boudoir and adult photography. Something about capturing nudity and sexual energy in a photograph fulfills a drive I didn’t know I had. It oddly enough has nothing to do with my libido, I get nothing from porn or naked pictures, it’s a true sense of art that drives my interest in this style of photography.

I am a Writer.

I’ve written, in one form or another, since I was a kid. Science fiction stories mainly. I was a role-player growing up, so it was like writing in my head. I’ve done technical writing for the military, corporate writing for manuals and training, and more. I’ve developed training courses, taught classes, written in-house books, and more. My parents are both published, in one way or another, so it’s in my blood. I’m in the middle of writing a book, right now, on the lifestyle.

I am a Networker.

I believe in creating networks, or communities, and working with them. I like the idea of helping others and growing groups to assist and aid each other. Connecting with people is like a drug for me. I’m currently licensed to sell Home and Auto insurance through Farmers and it’s a perfect fit because of how my brain works. That connection and desire to help just fits great.

I am Security at a Swinger club.

I work at Syn, a local swinger club here in Tulsa. My job consists of making sure everyone wears a wristband and doesn’t start any problems. It’s probably the simplest job ever, and a lot of fun.

I am an ordained Minister.

My ex wife and I tried to find a non-religious reverend. We wanted a minister who would marry us without the religious rigamarole. We failed. AFter clarifying, several times, that we wanted the briefest ceremony with no god-stuff, he was:

  1. Late by an hour
  2. Gave an hour long sermon
  3. Proceeded to spell his name wrong on the marriage certificate and scratch it out and write it again

It was ridiculous.

So I got ordained so that I could offer people an opportunity to have a reverend that would be what THEY wanted. I will do a wedding HOWEVER you desire. You want a power ranger Reverend? Rent me the suit. You want Darth Vader riding My Little Pony? Just provide the get up and pony. I consider myself an actor in your play. I’ve gone farther than just doing weddings now, now I run my own church… Church of the Padded Wall. I have plans. Hopefully you want to come along with. Join the fun.

I am an Anarchist

I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Libertarian. I’m not a Socialist. I’m an Anarchist. I run Anarchist National Committee as a space to voice my thoughts on the political environment. Much like Church of the Padded Wall is my space to speak on religion, ANC is for my voice on politics.

I am a Dominant

I have been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for since roughly 1993. I was introduced by a submissive that wanted me to be her Daddy Dom and it started me on a path that I have never regretted. I have enjoyed every experience, learned so much, and thoroughly enjoy every moment in the lifestyle that I get. I’m currently a Daddy Dom to two adorable little baby girls, I am owner of a delightful pet, and I have the delight of a partner that wants to submit to me as her Dom for scenes… I consider myself quite lucky.

Welcome to my space... I hope you enjoy your stay.

Peace, Love and Blink

Article written by randomblink
Born in a city park and raised by squirrels, Brian quickly mastered the mystic art Squirreljitsu. Eventually his travels took him completely across the park where he discovered a completely new world full of cars, and cheeseburgers. Now, decades later... He blogs, draws, does photography, and more. His life is a constant struggle between the inner squirrel... and people who ignore leash laws in the park. Fucking keep those dogs on leashes or take them to the damn dog park you assholes! Some of us are here to feed the fucking squirrels!

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