Written by randomblink on May 5, 2021

Protect the Pics

So we’ve all been there… Well, at least we probably have if you’re reading this blog. You’re messaging with someone you either know or just met and that moment pops up where you decide to make that (potentially life-altering) decision to send a pic… of your no-no area. Your junk. Your privates.

A Nude!

That’s right. It’s scary, right? Are they gonna respond appropriately? Are they gonna laugh? Are they gonna wanna see a live version? But the problem here is most people don’t ask that most important of questions…

Are they gonna share your photo on their Facebook group? Their Tumblr blog? Their MySpace account?

What?! People still use MySpace… REAL people… not just bots.

They do.

Trust me.

ANYWAY… it’s a very real possibility that this is gonna get shared. GLOBALLY!

And continue to trust me here, but it’s also possible that a prospective job interviewer will google you and stumble across this image.


So what is a beautiful naked body supposed to do?! You NEED to share this, right? They need to see this. It’s important… or something.

Let’s just say that the ‘randomblink’ has a few tips for all you digital exhibitionists…


That’s right. If your intention is to show the sexy bits, let’s protect your identity and keep your face out of it. Crop in your smile if you have to, include everything downwards towards your feet, but… NO FACE!


Maybe you want to Snapchat a little bit of text on that sexy pic. Tell your potential amore what this picture makes you think about them. Share a meaningful bit of information about the image, or yourself, or the moment that the pic was taken… but make sure you sanitize that text!

No real names… usernames are just fine.

No phone numbers! NO PHONE NUMBERS! You wouldn’t write your name and number on the bathroom stall wall in a public restroom, so don’t leave your number where it could possibly end up in anyones hands across the GLOBE!


Most phones take pictures these days and include a tiny bit of text that could REALLY make your day a sad one. The GPS location of where it was taken. Which might be fine for your significant other, but… what if it gets out of their hands somehow? A prank from a friend, a slip-up on an unforgiving social media app, or worse… a hack!

Turn off your GPS… or get an app that SPECIFICALLY takes pictures that are GPS-FREE!

You really don’t want Bubba the Local Stalker to stumble across a picture of your naughty bits that includes a map to your house.

I promise.


Watermark it. Earthmark it. Airmark it. Firemark it.

I don’t care which one of the elements you choose… but MARK YOUR PHOTO!

What is a Watermark? It’s basically some form of image placed on a photograph (or image) for tracking purposes. It could be the name of the person you are sending the photo to. The group you are sharing the photo in. The social media account you share the image with. It really doesn’t matter. Because when that photo pops up on your parents Facebook account, you are going to want to know who shared that private pic with the world at large and your family in the end.

Be Aware

If you plan on shooting that photo of your birthday suit out into the digital ether just make sure you do yourself a favor… don’t kid yourself. It will be shared. It WILL be shared. Maybe not on purpose, maybe not maliciously, maybe completely by accident… but It. Will. Be. Shared.

So don’t kid yourself into thinking that your best guy Jimmy wouldn’t do that, or Tanya loves you more than that, because It. Will. Be. Shared.

So feel free… be confident… send away…

Just be careful.

Be safe.

While you’re making the internet a more sexy place, make sure your world stays safe in the process…

Have fun, get naked, and here’s my email so you can send me a copy… nudesforfun@randomblink.com

Peace, Love and Imagery

Article written by randomblink
Born in a city park and raised by squirrels, Brian quickly mastered the mystic art Squirreljitsu. Eventually his travels took him completely across the park where he discovered a completely new world full of cars, and cheeseburgers. Now, decades later... He blogs, draws, does photography, and more. His life is a constant struggle between the inner squirrel... and people who ignore leash laws in the park. Fucking keep those dogs on leashes or take them to the damn dog park you assholes! Some of us are here to feed the fucking squirrels!

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