Written by randomblink on April 18, 2021

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Have you ever stopped and wondered... how stupid am I?

No... Not how stupid am I... how stupid are you!?

Like... you maybe just fired off a text to your significant other, a friend, a boss, or someone important in your life, but you didn't double check that autocorrect hadn't fucked you over first... and of course, autocorrect HAD (in fact) fucked you over... so now what was a benign intended message now looks like either a mental case cry for help or an X-rated booty call.

Or maybe you were putting together that bookshelf you bought at IKEA and the end result looks more that last game of Jenga that you lost because you were too drunk to know that Jenga wasn't a game you should be playing while drunk.

Thinking we are stupid is something I believe is important. It ranks right up there with questioning our own sanity. Only the insane are certain they are sane. Only those embarking on evil quests are 100% assured in everything they are doing. And only the completely ignorant are 100% positive they are 100% right.

Well... this post is just for you. If you've ever thought you might be dumb... and you were embarrassed, for WHATEVER the reason, I want you to let it go. Because you too can take the intelligence test and find out how smart you are. Just get ahold of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test.


45 sang us all a song of how powerful this test is and how goodest it is and how we all should be grateful that he was tested and how it proved how smart and wonderful he was. So sit back, enjoy and you're welcome.

The fun doesn't end here tho... Once you've seen the video, you're gonna want a commemorative shirt.

Well, sit down Blinkster fans... we have them ready for you.

taco with vegetables
Tacos Good

I know... You can't click the button and pay fast enough... but it's ok... Just order 12, one for each day of the week and 4 other days in case you spill something on your shirt on those other days, because... tacos... I mean, am I right?

My whole point is... Don't feel stupid.

You aren't. You are. I am. I'm not.

It's ok. We all make mistakes, just take a breather... pick yourself up, apologize if you've hurt someone else, try to make it better, try to not hurt anyone again, and move forward... focus on the tacos if you have to focus on anything because, tacos, right?

Life is too short to focus on the wrong things. We all fuck up. Just don't be the person that can't admit you fucked up. That's what causes the problems.

Live, Laugh, Camera, TV...

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