Friends of Blink

These are friends, models, clients and more that have worked with me on Photography projects... and the Roles they have had in those projects

My baby girl of 5 years, friend and more... she knows how to make the camera happy. She also knows her way around both sides of the camera with serious skills as a photographer as well.

A black goddess in and of herself, this woman carries herself with class and style. Posing in front of a camera was something that she does like second nature, moving with the light and shadows, she strikes sexy just as the button is pressed. A true un ...

Layla Donovan was the first model I started working with back in 2016-ish. I couldn't have gotten luckier than to work with such an amazing model. She taught me more about photographing boudoir shoots than if I had taken professional boudoir specific classes.

I dabble in photography, graphic art, writing, and more. But editing photos really brings out my creative side. Once I get good photos that I can use to draw from? I'm even more happy.