Meet More of Blink's Friends

Layla Donovan

Layla Donovan was the first model I started working with back in 2016-ish. I couldn't have gotten luckier than to work with such an amazing model. She taught me more about photographing boudoir shoots than if I had taken professional boudoir specific classes. When the camera points at her she seems to move with the light and the shadows just follow. She flows into poses like she was made to model and it makes photographing her a sheer pleasure.
This was Layla's 2019 photoshoot as Kitty Purry. A role she played for a short period.
This was a fun shoot on September 3rd, 2017 with Layla Donovan, we took almost a 1,000 photographs. Most were taken on my iPad Pro at the time.
This was my first Burlesque shoot and the goal was feathers and ruffles and it went wonderfully. It was a learning experience all around.