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I dabble in photography, graphic art, writing, and more. But editing photos really brings out my creative side. Once I get good photos that I can use to draw from? I'm even more happy.

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This was Layla's 2019 photoshoot as Kitty Purry. A role she played for a short period.
This was a fun shoot with Choco Unicorn in January of 2018. It was her first Boudoir Shoot.
A fun photoshoot with my baby girl. She enjoyed showing off for the camera and the camera enjoyed snapping again and again.
This was a fun shoot on September 3rd, 2017 with Layla Donovan, we took almost a 1,000 photographs. Most were taken on my iPad Pro at the time.
This was my first Burlesque shoot and the goal was feathers and ruffles and it went wonderfully. It was a learning experience all around.