Written by randomblink on February 1, 2020

Welcome to the Insanity

Thank you for being a valued member!

My name is Rev. Brian Scott O'keefe and I'm here to share my world.

I run my own business, braincandi.com, where I build websites, manage digital brands, and create digital graphics. I also do boudoir and adult photography on the side and am currently working with a troupe of models and others creators at randomblink.com. I'm ordained as a Reverend and do weddings. I'm a capable DJ and will DJ weddings, or parties as well. I've even DJ'd a wedding that I officiated at the same time. It went flawlessly... and was a lot of fun as well. I also work security at a local club when I'm not hanging out at the club and having fun.

I write, draw, paint, sculpt, embroider, 3D model, and more... much, much more.

I tend to stay busy... even when I don't want to... lol. It's a curse that my brain has cast on me.

At the moment I'm unemployed. I usually manage a day job to cover insurance and a regular paycheck, while I do my websites, photography, reverendyness, and more for extra money and entertainment.

Thank you again for being a valued member!

This is the last blog you'll ever need.

The Wisest People Ever

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