IMG 1786

Capturing the feathers was the most important goal. The wings looked glorious.

IMG 4678

Climb a ladder and get a pretty picture. Minor lighting edits brought out the best in this photo.

IMG 1696

Each shoot I learn more and more about the craft. Working with Layla teaches me about the model side, editing photos teaches me about watching the background. I left the lighting in the background on this one and had to creatively pull it out. Not fun, especially since the pose was perfect and we weren't […]

IMG 1852

This was one of the first Burlesque shoots I've done. The feathers were amazing. Layla was amazing.

IMG 0622

This was really the first of my photographic experience and this image really pulled me into photography. I saw my editing take a sexy picture and create something that made me look twice. Granted it helps to have such a gorgeous model, but it gave me such a boost of confidence that I blame this […]

IMG 4657

Simple shadow play and color expansion brings the darkness swirling in this image in a delightful mix with her eyes and curves.