The Sacred Texts

You have arrived at the innermost sanctum santorum of the most humble Reverend Blink. These are the things I have declared, surmised, categorized, written, created, blah, blah blah… You get the idea.

Here’s my blog.
Gender Specific

Arguments abound as to what makes a boy a boy and a girl a girl. But no one is asking the right questions... what makes a male a male and a female a female.

Shifting states of ego

At every moment of every day we are presented to the world based on our current Ego State. They shift, change, grow and become unhealthy. It's up to us to work to find that balance.

Welcome to the Insanity

Welcome to my Blog and Informative Website... I am here to provide you with a peek into the hidden world of Tulsa, my scattered and random thoughts, my artwork and photography, as well as anything else that catches my fancy.

Protect the Pics

Sharing pics is one of the most human things we do. Sharing sexy selfies is an art form in and of itself. But don't get caught with your pants down (figuratively) without following a few simple guidelines.

Too Drunk To Uber

It was the Masquerade party. The drinks were flowing and the music was jumping... styles... We went from honky tonk to rap city to 80's galore. The pool hall area was brimming with people and players, we had a few dancers on the floor.

Muggles Galore

The club I do security for has themed parties every Saturday. The C.O.C.A. party is definitely one of our busiest parties. The biggest problem is the draw for muggles that want to play tourist. But... it's still a fun night.

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