Personal Studies

Religion / Mythology

Don't Talk About Religion
Remember being told that religion isn’t something you discuss? This is why we live in the world we live in. Polite society believes some horrific things and hides these beliefs behind “we don’t discuss this in public settings.” It’s because when you are challenged as to why you think <insert sexual orientation>/<insert "other" religion>/etc. will burn in eternal punishment and are therefore lesser humans… it sometimes causes you to rethink childish belief systems… which hurts the churches $7 Billion a year bottom line.
Republican / Democrat / Anarchist

Don't Talk About Politics

Raised in a home where politics was never discussed, I was just automatically a Republican when I turned 18… Much like I was automatically a Christian. I didn’t need to think about it, didn’t need to know what it meant, I just needed to know my parents felt this way so it must be right.
*dark chuckle*

It wasn’t. I evolved to Democrat but the more I researched politics in general the less I felt that I was being represented in this two-party government. I wasn’t 100% Republican but I agreed with some principles… I wasn’t 100% Democrat but I felt like they had certain concepts well covered… Ah ha!

Anarchist… there we go. I have a home.

Sex and Love

Don't Talk About Sex
Polite people just don’t do that. Sex is private… Why? Because that’s what society has programmed us to believe… Just like we should all be bible thumping, two-party government affiliating, good little sheepizens.
Only one problem with this… I like sex.

One of my favorite quotes from a fictional story is by a character named Tam Al’Thor, in the Wheel of Time series where he said, “I never saw or heard or smelled anything that couldn’t be talked about.”

And that… ladies and gents… is the truth.

Games People Play

Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy
I’m one of those people that pick up books because the covers are fascinating. Maybe the title hints at something, the binding is solid and intricate, the cover art is beautiful, or there is moulding that is genuinely gorgeous.

I buy them…

One book that I purchased, accidentally, was “Games People Play” by Dr. Eric Berne. I thought it was a book on game theory. It turns out it was much more powerful than that.

Now I’m addicted to Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy. It turns out that Transactional Analysis is multifaceted and applicable on micro and macro scales. I hope to start integrating it throughout my site and allow others to use my site to target the various games on various levels of others in positions of power.

It should be interesting however it goes…

Prepare For The Ramble

...My focus is not what you would call cohesive...

Religion and Mythology

The worlds fascination with post-life and their assumptions, for the most part, is a topic worth watching.

Politics and World Gov't

The need that humanity has to be lead by other humans doesn't make sense some days.

Sexual Diversity

The decisions for how people should, and shouldn't, utilize their private no-no places is serious business.

Transactional Analysis

The way that people attempt to get their needs met, when most don't even know what those are... wow.

Web Development and Design

The new frontier for human expansion is the internet. It's something that makes me smile.

Geographic Info. Systems

Almost everything worth tracking has a geospatial location. GIS is all about how to track those things.

Role-Playing Games

Settling behind the eyes of a fictional character that you create is so much fun...

Collectible Card Games

Collectible cards that you play a game with are one of my all-time favorite things.

3D Modeling

Creating real things from ideas is so fun, but when you design it virtually and print it 3 dimensionally? So cool.


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