Waste-Not, Want-Not

There are so many moments that we all lose because we consider them inconsequential. It’s precisely those moments that I have focused on utilizing. Is it exhausting? Sure. But it’s led me to be who I am to this day, and it’s powered by my ADHD as well. There are pros and cons… but either way, it’s how I work.

Passing Moments

Those moments that used to slip past me are now where I've found a new life.

I feel like my youth was wasted. Even tho I accomplished quite a bit. But now that I’ve supercharged my focus I can literally feel lost years in my past. All those hours of waiting on this, or that, could have been spent learning. Now, it’s an addiction, and it’s one that has paid off.

If I'm not Studying, I'm planning


In one weeks time I can grasp the basics of a programming language while simultaneously working on a project coded in that language. In two weeks time I consider myself an intermediate and am developing things of a fairly advanced nature in that language. However, if I go even 2 weeks without using that knowledge, I do find that I sometimes have to start almost over in my learning quest.


“If you accomplish your life’s goals before you die then you didn’t aim high enough.”

I’ve got enough ideas, plans, concepts, and more to keep a small team of employees working for years to come. From story outlines to 3D printing ideas, I track them all. Since I’ve learned that most plans made involving other people fall through 80% of the time, I’m never crushed when someone fails me… I just redirect.


"If you've always done it that way, then you're probably doing it wrong."

Charles Kettering, Holder of 186 patents

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