Frenetic Order

That Moment

You know that moment…

You just came to, it’s been 20 minutes since you made your sandwich, you’ve walked back and forth from the living room to the kitchen probably 20 times because you forgot your drink in the kitchen… but everytime you go to get it, you take a drink and leave it… only to remember you wanted to have it in the living room once you sit back on the couch… That’s ADHD…

Deciding you don't want the sandwhich anymore? That's Bipolar.

Think Straight?

There are pros and cons to a mind that is a whirlwind. With lots of practice, and a borderline obsessive compulsive disorder, you can learn how to hone these random thoughts into darts of focus. Every once in awhile you lose control and end up in a brain fugue but by applying myself I have learned how to weed those moments more and more out of my head.

Friend #109456

Did I remember to wish them happy birthday? Is it their birthday? What day is it?


Sweet! I have more than enough this paycheck to cover most of the bills. Damnit. Netflix. I need to cover something to do during the downtimes. Wait… did I buy any pie?


Or did I sell that in the garage sale? Was that mine or my brothers?!


Oh my god! This idea could revolutionize the internet! I just need to get all of the right pieces together so that I can capitalize on this idea… sweet! I’m a genius!… hey… was that a squirrel?!


Oh, so THAT’S why he said it that way… oh that’s a funny movie…

My Way

Pulling It All Together


No good plan works without a goal. That goal needs to be something that drives and motivates you. If it doesn’t drive you, it will eventually bore you.

So make it good.

Gamify It

The more you look forward to ANY part of completing that goal, the more likely you are to make free time to work on it. So turn it into a game. And yes… Mary Poppins had that right.

For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. Find the fun and SNAP! the job’s a game.


I have to find a reason to go back to my notes, my drawings, my exported thoughts… If I can do that? Either through a journal, or in my Google Drive, or whatever, then I have a better chance of completing.

Final Thoughts


It’s not just what you do with the important things in life. It’s also what you do with that moment where you have nothing better to do, so do you burn through it? Do you read something? Do you take a break and enjoy a beautiful moment?
What do you do…?

Whatever it is, do it well… with kindness… and make it something that the 5 year old you would applaud.


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