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I have a collection of interests and I hope to touch on as many as I can.


My writing is sporadic, lengthy, and generally sci-fi, fantasy or technical writing. I fell in love with writing at an early age.


I have dabbled in hundreds of art forms over my years. But digital art on an iPad is my current favorite.


Photography is one of my newer fascinations. I use an L16 camera that is no longer produced.


For a short time I was working on game development. This lead me to game theory. On accident I picked up Games People Play and became hooked on Transactional Analysis.


An early indoctrination in Christianity led me to research, I wanted to be the best christian possible... that research led to my unbelief which led me to a fascination in all things supernatural... even the TV show.


Being raised a devout christian, I feared the sin of sex. Once I woke up and saw that we are god, I realized my sexuality was something worth researching as well. So I did...


A reformed gamer, I study games and love playing with friends. There's something raw and real about who someone is when they lose themselves in a game.


From 3D modeling to GIS mapping, if a computer can do it? I am curious about it.

There are so many moments that we all lose because we consider them inconsequential. It’s precisely those moments that I have focused on utilizing. Is it exhausting? Sure. But it’s led me to be who I am to this day, and it’s powered by my ADHD as well. There are pros and cons… but either way, it’s how I work.
“If you accomplish your life’s goals before you die then you didn’t aim high enough.” - Me
I can pick up a programming language in a weeks time in some cases, grasp a new web technology even faster, and it’s because when I focus and am interested I have a hyper focus. It’s one of the benefits of ADHD. I can pick up a new web technology quickly and lose complete interest in it within two weeks time. It’s one of the curses of being Bipolar.
I tend to be a long term planner. I try to see patterns quickly so I don’t waste time on learning something that doesn’t benefit my long term goals. When I’m employed I tend to focus quickly on finding the patterns and assimilating the concepts necessary to excelling quickly. With the right management behind me? I have accomplished some pretty amazing things.


No good plan works without a goal. That goal needs to be something that drives and motivates you. If it doesn’t drive you, it will eventually bore you. So make it good.

Gamify It

The more you look forward to ANY part of completing that goal, the more likely you are to make free time to work on it. So turn it into a game. And yes… Mary Poppins had that right. "For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. Find the fun and SNAP! the job’s a game."


I have to find a reason to go back to my notes, my drawings, my exported thoughts… If I can do that? Either through a journal, or in my Google Drive, or whatever, then I have a better chance of completing.

Blinks Flow

Pulling it all together.

Final Thoughts


It’s not just what you do with the important things in life. It’s also what you do with that moment where you have nothing better to do, so do you burn through it? Do you read something? Do you take a break and enjoy a beautiful moment?
What do you do…?

Whatever it is, do it well… with kindness… and make it something that the 5 year old you would applaud.


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