Written by randomblink on January 23, 2021

Unemployed in the Time of Covid

It's been a real weird time... I was laid off in November because the company I left City Government for lost a major client and had to lay off most of their VDC staff. VDC is Virtual Design for Construction. I basically worked on laying out electrical systems in a 3D layout of various buildings, most of which were server farms. I signed NDA's so I can't list out the names but they were big boys.

I figured I would go a few weeks and find work...

9 and a half months later... covid proved me wrong. I had multiple interviews setup in January that all dissolved when covid reared its ugly head. Then things start calming down in June and I started to get more interviews setup... they all dissolved again.

I did have three promising interviews... two ended up going with someone else and one told me I was overqualified.

So here I sit... on a stack of skills... waiting.

It's frustrating, but it is what it is...

Article written by randomblink

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